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  • With more than 15 years on the market, Top Flex is still going as strong as the first day, becoming one of the trainers most recognised by the players themselves.
    Its main features are durability, extraordinary adjustment to the foot and lightness. This is in addition to being one of the most comfortable trainers, with great flexibility.
    Made with natural leather tanned for finess, improving the trainer's adjustment to the foot and providing greater lightness, it only weighs 250 gr.

    It uses the PROTECTION system reinforcing and protecting both the toecap and the heel, increasing its useful life and making it one of the most durable trainers. This means greater protection for those areas where trainers are more liable to wear out, either due to striking or friction.
    The sole uses the DURABILITY system providing greater toughness thanks to its highly resistant rubber, delaying wear due to friction and extending the trainers' life. Top Flex incorporates the ROTATION system to enhance movement, and the FLEXO system, grooves etched into the sole ergonomically designed to enable the best transition from heel to toe at every step.
    At the heel only the sole is allowed to flex, without affecting the upper thus providing better grip and allowing for a more natural and comfortable tread.
    The insole and the midsole are manufactured using natural EVA + contributing to cushioning by absorbing foot strike, thus regaining its shape during the transitional movement phase.
    Top Flex is the ultimate shoe for footballers seeking the best, who want to give their best.
    • Sport: Soccer
    • Genre: Adulte
    • Sous catégorie: Intérieur
    • Charlesbourg: 0
    • Saint-Nicolas: 0

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